[Linnanmäki] Nueva spinning coaster SC3000 de Maurer Söhne

8 enero, 2008 0 Por Benic85

Montaña Rusa: Salama
Parque de Atracciones: Linnanmäki (Helsinki, Uusimaa 00510 Finland)
Classification: Montaña Rusa
Tipo: Steel – Sit Down
Situación: Under Construction opening 4/2008
Make / Modelo: Maurer Söhne / Xtended SC 3000
Datos de la Montaña Rusa: Spinning Cars
Capacity: 800 riders per hour
Longitud: 420 m  
Altura: 17 m  
Inversiones: 0  
Velocidad: 60 kph  
Trains: 6 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 4 riders per car.
Etymology: «Salama» is Finnish for «Lightning».
Theme: This coaster is built above rapids ride called «Hurjakuru». Salama continues the Kalevala (Finnish national epic) theme, which is already familiar in Hurjakuru and Tulireki. The main feature of the expanded theme will be the great Sampo (mystical artifact in Kalevala) in the middle of Hurjakuru, which features different water and fire effects

Fuente: RCDB